Better than chocolate

I have a freezer in the living room (for historical purposes, the cellar was being renovated and it ended up with a bunch of stuff piled on top - it is a front door one - and cute artsy-fartsy magnets on the door) that has a special tray for freezing fruit. The year I bought it, I froze a gajillion fruits, bagged them, and forgot them.

On one forage for sweet food I discovered the bag of frozen strawberries. I soon began snacking on them - put 10 or so in a bowl, sit in front of the computer reading blogs and chew on them one at a time. Sweet and cold, I love it.

The bags are empty. So I went out this morning and got a kilogram of fresh, ripe strawberries, washed them, dried them, cut off the tops and arranged them on the freezing tray.

I have had 10 berries already this evening, the kilogram won't last long. Hope the strawberry season holds until Saturday, the next day I can go shopping. This stuff is better than chocolate!

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