The World is their Garbage Can

While waiting for the tram this morning I watched a young woman take a last drag on her cigarette and then just throw the butt on the ground. Yesterday I saw a guy throw his butt down just inches from a garbage can. He only had to take 2 additional steps to get rid of his garbage.

Last week one student left a pile of candy wrappers on his desk after class. Today there were 4 batteries on another desk. The wrappers I canned and wrote a nasty-gram to the student (I remembered who was sitting there). I don't remember who was sitting at the battery place, and you just can't pitch them.

People just drop their trash, leave it behind them, "forget" to clean up after their dogs - what on earth would the world look like if we didn't have cleaning people picking up the trash and the butts and the poop?

I know it's hard - I have had numerous fights with WiseKid on the topic of pick-up-your-butt-dear-and-put-it-in-the-garbage-can-over-there. But why do people not think? Is there any way to get people to realize what they are doing? I've tried dark looks and tsk-tsk when I see people pitching butts. Any ideas?

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