Iron Man

Wow, a film for the whole family! I hadn't read anything about the movie, but I wanted to go along with the guys, and they were going to see Iron Man, which was just released in Germany.

There was lots of action (shooting, blasts, car crashes, etc) for WiseKid, a rather witty screenplay with some references to other films and some good politics for WiseMan, and for me there was a ton of kick-ass mechanical engineering, robots, computer interfaces, and some awesome vfx. Figures, some of it was done by Industrial Light and Magic.

There were, of course, more people involved with the vfx and animations than there were actors and second second assistant directors. The music was rather nice, and the violence was, well, kind of comic-book-like. Guess that's what you get when you film a comic book.

An enjoyable evening, although Tony never got to kiss Pepper.

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