Today was the monthly faculty meeting, which is about as much fun as going to the dentist's.

During one point on the agenda someone suggested that we set up tutorials for the students because they can't do maths.

Then it was time for the budget. They were sharp enough to figure out that we were trying to take 1/3 of the money they don't spend away from them at the end of the year, and they insisted that they be allowed to keep 1/3 of the money budgeted to them if they don't spend it. We tried to explain that if they don't spend 1/3 of their money we are in grave danger of getting much less money in coming years. But this fell on deaf ears.

Then we went on to discuss dispersing the funds for 2008. I suggested that we give 10% of the funds according to the number of students enrolled in the programs according to the formula: #B /(#B+#M) for the bachelor programs and #M / (#B+#M) for the master programs, i.e. proportional to the number of students in the programs. No, they wanted it "fair", i.e. 50% for the bachelor's and 50% for the master's. It took over half an hour to make it clear (I hope) that if only 15% of the students are in a Master's program, giving the Master's 50% is not proportional.

Maybe the professors could use a little refresher course themselves.....

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