The Engagement

There is something to be said for sitting in the non-smoking section. We were at a newish Spanish tapas restaurant this evening. They have a tiny non-smoking section downstairs, the kitchen and the smokers are upstairs, and mostly you get ignored downstairs, but the food is great.

It wasn't crowded, but the tables were all nicely decorated, especially one where a young couple sat. About halfway through the meal I noticed the owner over at their table, smiling and pouring champagne. She then came over to us - apparently he had just popped the question (to the background of two live singers/guitar players) and she had said yes.

They invited both the other tables that were occupied downstairs, the musicians, the owner and the waitress over for a toast! Never had something as touching as this happen to me in public in Germany. We all toasted, wished them luck and many years of happiness together, and then returned to our own very excellent dinners. I even gave the musicians money when they came around, although as a rule I don't, it only encourages them and you can't get a word exchanged when they are screeching away. These guys weren't bad though.

So whoever you are - hope this wonderful evening is the beginning of a very happy time for you!

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