Stay slim by doing sports - not!

What a juxtaposition of news! Today the German goverment decided that Germans, especially kids, are overweight. Okay, this is visible, even if they are not as bad as Americans. Yet.

So now we are to eat healthy stuff and get plenty of exercise to save our insurance companies lots of €. Okay, I've been playing handball for over a year now, run myself ragged for 90 minutes, trying to catch and throw a ball. I even made a few goals in training this evening, and during the game really threw myself at a ball - falling didn't hurt as much as I expected it to, must be that tad bit of extra "cushioning".... Got compliments from the team for really going for the ball.

Coach informed us, however, that the City of Berlin, in its infinite wisdom, has set up new contracts with the school custodians in order to save the city money. They used to pay the custodians extra money to stay home during the week and lock up the gyms after the last group left. See, we train in the school gyms. Dual use, all that stuff.

Now the city is saving lots of money (maybe 100.000 € a year?) by refusing to pay the custodians for any work done after 5 pm. So guess how many school gyms will be open until 10pm? Right. So where, now, is it that we go to to get rid of our extra pounds?

We debated how much whiskey it will take to bribe our custodian, a wonderful Scottish man, into letting us use the hall once a week and whether we can afford this, in addition to our club fees.

I think I need a clue stick for the Berlin government as well...

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The situation has changed, please see this: