The Princess Papers, Part 2

Oooh, no time for blogging here :)

We had a lot of excitement here the past few days. On the morning of my birthday I had two chipper princesses and one really tired looking one. She said she felt funny. P2 crawled onto my lap, and we hugged and cuddled. Then she threw up all over me. Good morning! She threw up many more times over the course of the day, so all activities had to be rescheduled around having PrincessMommy or PrincessDaddy be there.

P1 and P3 really enjoyed the big birthday party. Luckily, there were lots of kids there, so they ran around chasing each other, giggling and laughing and talking to each other in languages neither of the others could understand. They seemed to get food, and loved all the attention they were getting.

P3 got tired and laid down to sleep - right in the middle of the dance floor, where we were doing a line dance. I had some live musik and a dancing instructor teaching the Germans about how much fun line dancing and square dancing is. PrincessDaddy reacted swiftly, scooping up P3, insisting that P1 must be VERY TIRED and scooting them off to bed.

P2 felt better the next morning, so they took off for some sightseeing after the party cleanup. In the evening we watched the European equivalent of Super Bowl Sunday: Eurovision Song Contest Saturday. 500 million (!!!) Europeans were watching with us.

The princesses were all bathed and cuddly and packed off to bed while the TV was blaring. P2 went out like a light, P1 and P3 kept doing silly things, even though Aunt WiseWoman kept coming by with stern warnings or even just the Stony Face, which would cause them to dive under the covers and pretend to sleep - until I walked out of the door.

PrincessMommy and PrincessDaddy went off for a beer, not understanding what was happening on the TV. We Europeans kept enjoying some of that leftover Merlot and laughing ourselves silly. The Ukrainian group around Verka Serduchka was such a crack-up, I tried to call and vote for them, but only got "technical error". It will probably still show up on my bill.....

The Swedish group, "The Ark", had this gorgeous lead singer with the palindromic pseudonym Ola Salo wearing a mini sequin jacket and a silver bib. He had the body to wear it, too, what a shame they didn't get more points. The Germans, as usual, were down in the cellar with a silly song and strange singer. The winner was Marija Šerifović from Serbia with "Prayer". I had actually heard her on the semi-finals (only listened to two before turning off) and had liked it.

I lost the prediction contest, again, as I tend to write down what I really like in the order I like it. A friend has this perverse knack of knowing what the 500 million others will be liking, he wins every year. But we all get to drink to the winner, so it was a fun evening :)

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