The Princess Papers, Part 1

I have 3 princesses, 6 1/2, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 spending a few days with Aunt WiseWoman who is having one of *those* birthday celebrations. The apartment is now full of princess gear - pictures to follow, like the three princess toothbrushes. I bought some cereal for them for breakfast, and not knowing what they like, I just bought the package with 3 princesses on it. Can't go wrong on that!

Princess #2 had an earnest conversation with me this afternoon. P2: Daddy is so silly, he thinks the couch is a bed. WW: Well, in Europe our houses are not as big as in the States, so we have furniture we can use for more than one thing, and both our couches can be made into beds. P2: In our world we have just beds for sleeping.

Princess #3 is a darling. She loves cars and trains and stuff. Must be related to her Daddy and her Aunt. Her Mom said that she will sit for hours in her full princess costume, including tiara, and play with her cars. Atta girl, P3!

Princess #1 is the bossy big sister (just like I was, but surely I wasn't that bad, was I? Chorus of brothers: yes, you were worse!). She'll be going to school in the fall, so she has to use every precious moment to show her sisters that she knows everything. It is really hard to keep a straight face at times!

More adventures in the coming days!

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