The Princess Papers, Part 3

Americans don't have much vacation (2-3 weeks a year, max), so every day must have some sort of action in it. Today the Princesses took off for Copenhagen by way of Lübeck. I know, that is not the direct way, but there are more interesting things to be seen this way.

The Princesses were now accustomed to the time change and were up at the crack of dawn playing with all the nice board games in the living room. Since there was no adult to impose silly rules like OneGameAtATime, there were about 3 games going at once, not necessarily according to the real rules. But the gemstones from "The Magic Forest" fit nicely underneath the pyramids of "Pharaoh", and they were using the Monopoly money for some purpose. I didn't quite catch on.

All the adults were rather groggy, must have been that Aquavit we had to celebrate after the Eurovision contest. PrincessDaddy made some real strong coffee so that we could be awake for going to get their rental car. He thought the numbers were the number of scoops of coffee to put in, so it ended up being Real Strong Coffee....

Luckily, the autobahn was deserted at this time Sunday morning, so I dropped him off at the airport quick and could head back for more playing with the Princesses. It was time for them to get dressed. PrincessMommy has this process quite optimized, they were dressed in a flash. Then it was hair-combing time.

The princesses all have the same hair I have - blonde, thin, stringy, easily tangled. The first order of business was to comb out the knots. PrincessMommy packed some Magic Water that you spray on the hair to make it easy to comb. They didn't have stuff like that when I was a kid, you just got your hair pulled out on combing.

I wanted to put gumbands in their hair, but no, they wanted "Jessie braids". No idea what that is, and there is no entry in the Wikipedia on that. I asked them to explain it to me. "Well, you take some hair here and some hair there, and you just do a Jessie braid with it, silly!" I tried a braid, but couldn't see how to get more than one twist into the hair.

They stomped off in disgust to get PrincessMommy, who waved her magic wand and turned their hair all into braids that I thought looked like Legolas in LotR. Seems "Jessie" is a neighbor girl who wears her hair this way.

And then they were off, all buckled in to their car seats, flown over from the States, and primed for a DVD that gets shown to keep them quiet in the back seat.

It was eerily quiet when they had driven off - nice, but something missing. Good thing we are chasing after them after school on Wednesday, we'll meet up in Sweden for another few installments of the Princess Papers. Stay tuned!

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