Switzerland has something for the ladies

Mmmm, Switzerland has an offer for all the women who would like to escape the soccer world cup madness in Germany, coming up in just a few weeks: Schweiz Tourismus- MySwitzerland.com - Schweiz. The pitch: Swiss guys are more interested in women than in soccer. Interesting idea.... The pictures of these nice Swiss men are really something to look at and are quite inviting! I really like the guy with the pitchfork :)

Of course, there is some successful and interesting soccer being played in Germany, just not by the men. The women's national team is the reigning world champion. There is a new documentary out, "Fussballgöttinnen" (Soccer Goddesses). The film homepage is pretty bad (purple on green using serifs is a failing grade in my book), but it's the content that counts, isn't it?

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