Sexy Girl

There was a young girl on the subway this morning, all decked out. She had a a babydoll T-shirt on with "Sexy" written in glitter across the front, a black bra with the straps showing, a jeans mini-skirt and flowery, high-heeled, open shoes. Her long, brown hair had blond highlights in it and was air-blown to perfection. Her nails were painted bright red. The jarring thing was that she was perhaps 13 - the face underneath the makeup was a child's face, still with some baby fat around the cheeks. She was short, and sitting studying a French vocabulary book.

I stared at her and she looked up (I am always amazed that people actually do feel you looking at them). Her mouth was open and I saw the piercing in her tongue (doesn't that hurt??). I looked disapprovingly and then away, and noticed that she was irritated. I looked at the men around her - no one was noticing this slutty, childish display.

Why do her parents let her leave the house like that? Okay, I have a teenager, too.

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WiseWoman said...

We seem to take the same train every Wednesday. When she walked past me today I had a start of recognition - until I realized where I knew her from. It was the same miniskirt today, the same hairdo and the same shoes. The shirt was a bit tamer and the makeup not quite as bad. Maybe someone told her how silly she looked.