Official Absentee Election Material

Seems the State Department does not inform other officials of persons who are no longer citizens. I got my Official Absentee Election Material in the mail today. If I return the form, I am automatically registered for all voting to be done in 2006. I can also phone in or do it by web. I have to sign the form, but it does not say that I am verifying that I am, indeed, still a citizen.

So what shall I do? It is probably a felony to vote without being a citizen. But Florida makes it so easy to do.... say, wasn't Florida the place where George did so well in the election ?? Sigh.

2006-06-06 (just the right day for this): Man, the State of Florida is really organized! I got a Duval County Florida Voter Information Card today, identifying me as a voter in Florida. A non-citizen voter.....

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