Lübeck and EHEC

Brrr. The news has been full today of some restaurant in Lübeck at which 17 of the EHEC victims had eaten. One of the victims has died. It was the weekend we were in Lübeck. I scoured Twitter and the 'net, looking for the name of the restaurant. I wanted to know if I needed to worry.

Of course, if they publish the name and this is not the cause, they've ruined the restaurant's reputation. But shouldn't the public have a right to know which restaurant it is? A very thorny question.

Luckily, the evening news has no qualms. They didn't mention the name, but the camera showed the name, and they interviewed the owner, who was distraught that his patrons should be so sick. It is a wonderful restaurant. And we didn't eat there this time.

I do hope they soon find the root cause of this - can't be having Spain and Lübeck mad at the same time.

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Daniel said...

Looks like it has not been the restaurant's fault. If the restaurant has been involved in this at all...
I've been near Lübeck as well this weekend and got a glimpse at queen elisabeth.
Unfortunately we ate "Sprossen" in a seaside restaurant of Niendorf/Ostsee on Saturday evening. Let's see how this will work out...