The Stockboy

Woo-hoo, WiseKid got a job! WiseKidGirlfriend kicked his butt for months on the topic, and finally his excuses ran out. So he managed to get a cover letter written, and asked Mom to help him write a CV. I dug out the dates of starting this school, getting kicked out and going to that school, military service, etc.

It looked bad. Who in their right mind would hire a kid like this? However, I included spoken languages on the last line, as he is very good at languages: German native, English and Swedish good, smattering of Turkish. We printed up some copied and WKG dragged him up and down the streets, putting in his resume at various shops.

Indeed, the next day a store called and made an appointment for an interview at 11.00. That's a great time, easy for him to be out of bed. He went to the interview, spoke with the manager for a bit, and then the manager asked him "Why did you put Swedish on your resume?" - in Swedish. WiseKid says it took him a second to switch gears, and he replied - in Swedish - "I wrote it because I speak Swedish."

The manager was duly impressed - turns out he's Norwegian. So the next day he got a call that he got the job as a stock boy. It's a great schedule for him: 3 days a week, 9-3 (that is, when the aisles are not full of paying customers).

He insisted we go shopping there today, and he went along. Instead of dragging behind me and whinging for me to buy him this thing or that thing, he snatched the list out of my hand and marched off, getting all the items on the list to show me that he knew the store cold. And he pointed out every pile of stuff that he piled up. Of course, the manager saw him and came up to greet him, he apparently sees everything that goes on in the store.

Keep your fingers crossed that the job lasts!


Terje - isehakkaja said...

Good luck and I keep my fingers crossed for the paitence in need as I read your post ;)

Anonymous said...

So it might not be the Canadian woods after all. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Congrats to all...