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Just because I haven't blogged about them doesn't mean that I haven't been reading! I've just finished the third book that needs blogged about, so here's my take on them:
  • Daniel Suarez, FreedomTM. I *loved* Daemon, so I was very eager to get started on the sequel. The Daemon now has control of pretty much all of the world, but it turns out, Pete isn't dead, that was part of an elaborate plot by the Daemon. Multinational companies have taken over the world, and it gets nasty. Really nasty and bloody. Violence to the point that I actually considered putting the book aside. I slogged through to "End Game", but it wasn't very satisfying. The best thing about it was the idea of the thread that the in-people from the Darknet can see in their fancy glasses. Not much else I liked, though.
  • Next up is Jeffery Deaver with The Burning Wire. I love his fast-paced writing, and I really like his Lincoln Rhyme character. Even though he is in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the neck down, he's a great forensics investigator. And the method of killing people in this book is quite novel, to say the least. This is so much of a must read that I've already given a copy to a friend. But psst, don't tell WiseMan how it turns out, he hasn't read it yet.
  • Last night I finished Kirstin Warschau's Fördewasser, a German Krimi set in Kiel. It was given to us by a friend from Kiel (we lived there for 15 years). Inspector Olga Island (what a horrible name, every time the author refers to her by just her last name I first thought of Iceland, then of and English Island, and finally of the inspector. The story could have been original, but the ending is quite puzzling with a Chinese student popping up and all sorts of other surprises. Most of the figures are very flat, and there are lots of questions that remain unanswered. Why can her artist friend afford to spend days in the Hotel Astor? How on earth can she really get him into an archive on a Saturday and have him do all that research including driving to and from Hamburg in just a few hours? What happened to the diabetic cop? She gives heaps and heaps of local color, naming all the streets they drive down. She describes the forensics department at the hospital in vivid detail, and since I've actually worked there, the description is quite exact. But it doesn't really help the story much. And if people don't really understand the geography, they get confused. What happened on the East Side (Ostufer)? Where the hell is Westensee and is that close to Diedrichsdorf? Only if you know Kiel is this maybe worth reading.
Now, what next? Shall I get started on Jonathan Franzen?

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