A liter is a kilo?

On a train trip I couldn't help listening in to the group sitting across from me, chilling from a long day doing something in Berlin.

Young Turk pulls a big bottle of water out of his bag.
Blonde Lady exclaims: "What? Do you carry all that water with you?"
YT: "Sure, I like to drink a lot of water"
BL: "But that's one and a half kilos you carry around with you all day!"
YT: "What?"
BL: "The bottle is one and a half liters, that's a kilo and a half. Respect, carrying all that weight."
YT: "Does a liter weigh an entire kilogram? I don't think so. I think it's less"
BL: "Well, I thought so, but I don't know for sure."

The young Turk is 10 years her junior, why does she back down? She's completely right!

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