Nowhere Boy

Since most of the zu Guttenberg excitement has died down, we actually made it to a movie last night: Nowhere Boy. It's the story of John Lennon as a teenager, growing up in Liverpool at his Aunt Mimi's and restarting a relationship with his birthmother. It's the story of an angry young man, a rebel not willing to let himself be pressed into a particular mold. And it's a very sad story at times - except you know that there will be a happy end after he travels to Hamburg with some new friends and a new band.

I'm not a big Beatles fan (WiseMan, however, is a fanatic), but it was a nice film. One wonders if John Lennon was growing up today if he would be considered an Intensivtäter, a youth in deep trouble with the authorities. I guess they didn't call the cops constantly back then.

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Anonymous said...

define "fanatic"...

...otherwise, I'm with WiseMan (but sign me "favorably impressed")


p.s. did you read Warum Guttenberg kein Pirat ist