Back in Berlin

It was a grey, drizzly morning and we had serious stiff leg muscles from all that walking. After checking out we dumped our bags at the train station and went to the national museum after getting some gifts for the ResidentTeenagers (who both actually liked what we got them). The soccer exhibition was all in Czech, so we spent an hour in the café.

It was decorated in 50s style GDR-charm, with deep, brown leather sofa seats and paneling on the wall. They didn't have cakes, but it was quiet, warm, non-smoking, and we only paid 70 crowns for a latte - done to perfection with three visible layers - and a tea.

We got on the train, found our seats, and settled in for the trip back. It was uneventful, except for almost all of the bathrooms being out of order. I walked through to the 1st class to find one working. On the way I checked the dining car. They were suggesting the "special offer of the day", which was by the way the only offer of the day, in a musty old car. I really thought I was in a time warp back to GDR-days.

We arrived on time (something worth reporting these days!) in time for some soccer on TV. Prague was really very nice, wouldn't mind going back some time!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed (and suffered) along with you on your trip. thanks for the blog, I always look forward to "more".