The Beatles

After lunch we walked through the Kempa park and around some twisty streets to find the Lennon Wall. This is where some young people put up a commemoration graffiti about the death of John Lennon. The secret police decided this was a cover for planning terrorist plots to overthrow the government and filmed everything, then painted over the graffiti. Which reappeared. And got painted over again. And reappeared. Da capo.

All the tour books said this was a must-see. But it was just a wall full of graffiti, we have lots of these in Berlin. Many older folks had their pictures taken in front of the wall. Whatever.

We continued on to the music museum. They had extended their exhibition on the Beatlemania in Czechoslovakia. I gave the exhibition a quick run through and continued on upstairs with the musical instruments collection. WiseMan enjoyed every single detail of the exhibit on the Beatles. We then watched some private footage of John Lennon. I fell asleep, I hope I didn't snore too loudly.

Back out on the streets, the question was: what now? We decided to head out to the cemetery where Kafka is buried, it's a good piece out, but we have 3-day passes. We found our way to the subway and out, only to have the gates close in our faces. Ah well, maybe tomorrow. WiseMan thinks not - it said on the sign that men have to wear a kippa, and he's not going to do that. Darn, I'd love to sneak a photo of him in the hat.

We just got on a train to see where it went. The Prague outside the city center is just a boring town. We decided it was too boring, and got off to go back. I spied a post office open - at 18.30! I went in to get some stamps - had to first make sure I was allowed in! Mobile phone? Off. Dogs tied up? Don't have one. No smoking or ice cream? Check. Gun removed? Gun???? They have a sign telling people no guns in a post office? Do Czechs normally carry guns? Do they not know enough not to brandish a gun in a bank when buying stamps? A mystery.

WiseMan has consulted the tour books, there's a great outlook just one tram station on. So we continue, except they are building a subway and the place is all dug up, full of cranes, and has lots of boards blocking the view. We walk to the next tram station - seems to be about a kilometer - and hop a train back into town.

We were planning on seeing a Czech film with English subtitles, but we can't find the theater again. Ah well. WiseMan heads back to the hotel and I am out looking for a light supper. How wonderful to find a small cafe with food and WiFi!

Getting off the tram back at the hotel I spy a nice place to try for a night shot of the town in a distance, all lit up. I fuss with the settings, but indeed - I get a few very nice shots of Prague by night, here's one:

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