From the Department of Advanced Sillyness

We have new rules at school. Everything that cost more than 50 € has to have an inventory sticker put on it. A big sticker, printed with ink that rubs off quickly. The one on my laptop has long since worn off.

I got three today. Two are for camera pens I bought. There's not enough surface area on the pens to stick the suckers, and that would rather hamper using the little buttons to turn them on and off.

The third is the kicker. It is for the E-Learning-Unit-license that we purchased. We've learned to order a CD for all software so that we have someplace for the sticker. But an E-Learning unit is just bits.

I complained on Twitter, a friend had just the solution: A QR-code. So I typed the text into the window, generated an image, and put that on the page that links to the E-Learning-Unit (for which we promised to make no copies for ourself).

I now look forward to someone wanting to see the code. I've been here 10 years and have never had to show anything on an inventory list to anyone.

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