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Happy New Year!

I made myself take public transit again today. The light rail has not been running regularly in Berlin for weeks (Stop the presses! It snows in Europe in winter!), so I've had a grand excuse to take the car to work. But I do have a yearly pass, and I need to get some use out of it.

The way to work wasn't bad, I read in a thesis and had a lovely chat with some women computing students on the second train. We continued on the tram, discussing man-in-the-middle attacks, I love talks like this.

The way back was vile. I did have a nice chat with another student in the tram, but the little train was packed solid heading back into town and I had to change trains once. Then I decided to take the bus in order to get a present for a friend's birthday tomorrow.

Nothing came. No bus. I could have walked it in the time I waited. And since it had been so long, the bus was packed. And the door wouldn't close. The weary bus driver hollers at people to get off the middle door thing. These modern busses won't close the doors if they think someone is standing in the way, but they are far too sensitive.

There's a yellow warning area painted, and a larger box around. I helped a tourist step out of the box, but the door wouldn't close. The bus driver gives another shout, and then a smart aleck tells me to move my butt. I am *not* standing in the box. I am not standing in the yellow area. I am standing in a crowded bus. A sharp discussion ensues. I finally shove back into the woman behind me, and the door closes.

What gives? Why can't they paint the area that you are not supposed to stand on? Or fix the buses to let the drivers close them? Instead everyone gets angry at everyone else. The smart aleck keeps on at me about how stupid I am not to move. I point out that I was not near the painted area and am glad that I only have to endure 3 stops of this.

Next time I walk.

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