I couldn't find the homework!

Oh dear.

In addition to my beginners, I also have a Master's Seminar this semester. It's a shocker, only 2 hours meeting a week, but 5 credits, so this means slogging on at home for another 6-7 hours a week. Slogging as in "reading some stuff in English" and "working through a problem" and "writing a report in complete sentences".

There are a few people who graduated from our school. They know I mean business, and submit lovely reports on time. From the rest I got bullet lists, half-pages, and then the kicker today: "I couldn't find the homework!"

Let's see. We have a syllabus that was presented the first day of class. There is a schedule there, linked to all the homework and reading. This is linked from my homepage. There is a link from here to our Moodle room. But oh my, there is no link back to the syllabus from Moodle! And I had given the link in the first week's exercise, as an added help. The exercise was called: Lab1.html. Can you guess what the second exercise is called?

Guess I'd better get the Moodle room updated...

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Anonymous said...

This does not sound almost as charming as "my cat ate my homework" ;-) e.