I can't find my class!

A translation of an email I received last night (a Wednesday):

Dear Mrs. MisspelledAssociateDean,
I have a question about my schedule. I registered for English with Mrs. B last week, it is Wednesdays at 11.30. There is supposed to be a section with Mrs. K in the afternoon, but I can't find it on my schedule. Can you please help me?
Uh, no. We have this thing called a computerized schedule. When I look back through our long correspondence that you kindly attached to the email, I find one bizarre letter after another.

She tried to call the guidance counselor to figure out her schedule. They only provide guidance, not schedules. She asked me if I could please make a pdf of her schedule and send it to her. I requested that she look at the online schedule system. She couldn't deal with following the instructions. She has to work (during her first semester) and needs that schedule RIGHT NOW. But she is not sure which program she was admitted to.

I have patiently tried to explain that this is her job to find out. Attending orientation will be a big help. Oh, and each study program has people who help the beginners learn to tie their shoelaces and blow their noses. The dean's office is responsible for other problems, like no electricity or missing toilet brushes or finding teachers.

Next time, dear, I'm afraid I won't be so polite.

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