USA: The Good and the Bad

Just bullet points of things I am reminded are good and bad in the US:

Things that irritate me
  • The so-called "news" on all channels and not just Fox
  • The flags everywhere
  • The rhetorical statements and untrue stuff (like giving fingerprints is for my own safety)
  • Having to give all 10 fingerprints in order to enter the country.
  • Needing to cart bunches of dollar bills around that make my wallet look big even though they aren't worth that much
  • Not being able to play Scrabble in Facebook with my friends (Update: fixed that with a proxy)
  • The SUVs that are littering the highways and the parking spaces
  • The "nice to meet you"s
  • The bookstore playing religious songs as Muzak
  • The cult of veteran idolation
  • The amount of garbage produced per person per day
  • The drab, depressing stretches of highway/strip malls/mega stores/chain restaurants
  • Drive-ins

Things I like
  • My family
  • The deli around the corner
  • The refrigerator that dispenses ice without having to open the door
  • Toasted sourdough bread with sliced provolone
  • The New York Times for breakfast
  • The water fountains everywhere

There will certainly be more to come!

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