The Indecency of Air Travel

Haven't been to the US for a number of years, and was really dreading the flight. I understand that some security is necessary, but that most of what happens is security theater, designed to appear to be doing Something about the Terrorists.

Even though the liquid sillyness has been proven ineffectual, it is still on. Going through security I had to dump all my stuff in big boxes - no separate box for pockets. I didn't have my liquids in plastic bottles in a zip-lock bag because I didn't have any liquids - I thought. Turns out my metal asthma sprayer has liquid on the inside... And my allergy cream is a gel, ooooh.

Then my backpack - not only a laptop (and I'm not dressed as a business person because I am traveling for personal reasons, but still need my brain extention). But *all* these cables and stuff, hidden away in different pouches. Yes, I don't need my lock cable or my Ethernet cable everyday, so it's in the special hidden pouch where the rain cape would go. The electrical cord, however, I need a lot, so it is handy.

Not to mention all the whiteboard markers I forgot to empty from the top pocket.

The body visitation I found incredibly intruding for being held in a very public place. I mean, she felt up under my breasts and ran her hands around the waistband of my pants, praising me for not wearing a belt. Duh, it's in one of the boxes going through.

Apparently, they can now read thoughts, because I was darkly debating just dropping my pants to offer them an easy anal search. I was asked off for a special search.

Good job I got to the airport early.

We had to leave the gate, go back out through the passport people (who had made a nasty remark about sure, they believed I was German with that birthplace), and down a few doors. I was rather upset as one of the items from my pocket had disappeared and everyone was telling me that it can't disappear. Well, yes, but I would really, really like to have it.

All of my electrical stuff (and the lock cable) were swabbed and put into some imposing looking machine. All came out negative. So we had a minute search of my bags. When the searcher found my missing item he was really proud - he finds everything.

Glad to have the item back I was allowed to repack: and then go through the *entire* procedure again, including the body search. I kept my mind blank this time...

... and went to get a cold drink. The same machines that dispense drinks for 1,20 € at school and 2 € outside the door want 3,50 € (!!!) for some water that has been blessed by the security people. This really makes me sure that the drinks lobby is behind keeping the no fluids rule just to make more money.

And the thought of these naked scanners they are using more and more of even though there is no proof that they do anything other than embarrass people just makes me want to stick with train travel (although the train service from Europe to the US is rather limited). 


Robert said...

I am sure the main purpose of all this is to remind everybody of the great danger of terrorism and assure us that the beloved government is doing everything to protect us from evil.

WiseWoman said...

Yeah, right. Define terrorism. Define evil. Oh heck, while you are at it, explain the difference between a real government and what most countries currently have installed.