The Professorin Lemma

Ooooh, what a great Berlin Stammtisch we had this evening for the Wikipedia! After all the hullabaloo about my lemma "Professorin" that had been deleted some years back, never to be found again, it was a major topic this evening.

I had asked for it to be recovered from the dregs of the Wikipedia memory, and the admin I had asked said it had disappeared. This evening a very wise admin logged on and clickety-clicked his way through the jungles. We looked hither and thither, and there it was: the last version of the lemma before it was killed and the state of the discussion page just before it died.

And the killer and the person accusing the article of irrelevance sat at the table.

We had a lively discussion about relevance (not that we have solved the problem, by any means) and the deletion of knowledge. And I have my files back, now SAVED on MY disk. So I can now finish writing the article (which I started in 2005!) in peace and quiet before publishing. Of course, I had envisioned me starting and then others continuing, all happily contributing to the wealth of knowledge of the world.

Silly me, to have missed that it was only the knowledge of MANkind that was to be collected and ordered. On with the show!

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Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to reading it!