Don't Call Back!

We have canceled our telephone here in Sweden, I now have 3G Internet access, and we have mobile phones, no need to spend 400 crowns a quarter just so people can call us. We now have two pre-paid Swedish phones, a Telia and a Tele2, the latter has a great deal for calls to Germany.

We turned on both phones - and the Tele2 has been ringing off the hook. Every few minutes we get a call from +25 21 592 8331. Since Germany is +49, and I was on the Internet, I looked up the international code for 25. There is none. So I took in the next digit, and 252 is a country - Somalia.

Now, I don't know a lot of people in Somalia (I had a student from there once), so I googled a bit. It seems that Somalia has this deal for you to pay for something by calling a number. And some clever people just dial numbers at random, hoping for a call back to their number, which costs around 20$ a minute!

We had 7 calls a few hours ago, then it quieted down, there have been 2 more while I write this.

Where is the "junk" button when you need it? I want my phone to ignore calls from this number, or any number from Somalia.

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