A Berlin Driver

Walking along a busy street yesterday I heard a car honk loud and long. I looked over (somehow, one thinks that there will be something interesting happening when you hear a loud noise). A fancy Mercedes sportscar had felt itself cut off by the person driving in front who had changed lanes suddenly on account of the lane being blocked. The poor Mercedes had had to brake.

The driver honked and honked. At the next light, the woman driver got out of her car and ran up to the car in front of her, banging on the window and shouting at the poor driver of the preceding car. She ranted and cursed, but got back in her car in time to drive off at the light change - and overtook the "offender" and braked suddenly, to pay him back, so to say.

No matter that she was wrong - the following car is responsible for driving so that they can brake safely at all times. Berliners can get so aggressive when they feel that someone has slighted them.

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