Yackity Yack

On my train ride this past week I first spent time in the "silent" car. People are not supposed to use their phones, but there were two. One telephoned twice, one four or five times (softly). And there was an older lady carrying on at the top of her voice. Rather irritating, but I decided not to say anything.

On the way back I was in the phoning section (the choice used to be smoking or non-smoking, now it's loud or louder). My word! I think I heard 7 different, irritating ring tones. Some people were on the phone constantly, talking at the top of their voices.

They were discussing personal problems and business deals. The guy at my table was discussing a deal that I would have closed the door to my office to discuss. It was in my field, so I made a point of putting a thesis I was grading on a related topic on the table so he could see this.

It was rather funny, he began trying to make eye contact with me and nod and smile, he even said good-bye when he left. Now if I was a real bitch I could figure out who his competitors are and tell them what he is bidding on that English deal and how high he is prepared to go. But I have other things to do, I suppose.

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