Digital Picture Frame

WiseMan had hinted that he would like a digital picture frame for his birthday, so I went down to the Megastore the day before. No sense shopping too early, as there is new stuff out every day, and WiseMan has been known on multiple occasions to purchase the exact thing I am giving to him the day before his birthday.

There was a dizzying array of frames available. There were big ones, little ones, simple ones, and combinations. The combinations were with a printer, with a TV, with a radio, with a telephone (!) and then the one I got - one with a wireless LAN connection, a Kodak W820.

What a great idea! The navigation is on the border, not on the picture itself. It takes a while to get it set up: first getting the WLAN to work, then downloading the system update, then going on line and configuring everything. They only deliver a CD for Windows, so I had to get the software from the internet for my Mac, but it is worth it.

I can have the frame show:

  • pictures stored inside it
  • pictures on a chip
  • pictures stored online at their site under my Kodakgallery account that I just happened to have because I use it to make Christmas calendars for my folks
  • pictures stored on my brother's Kodakgallery account, because he has me listed as a friend. I will even be notified on the frame when he uploads another collection of Princess photos!!
  • pictures from my Flickr account
  • pictures from Flickr tagged with interesting words
  • pictures from Facebook
  • And the kicker: any online content that has RSS-feeds.
We set up the German news, the German handball news (someone intelligent in the ARD sports editorial office offers RSS feeds customized by sport), some cartoons (but they are so small, you can't read them), the local weather, the Swedish weather, the Swedish news. And it shows them, intercut with pictures. Or we can choose just the news, just the weather, etc.

Just plain brilliant. I don't have to turn on a computer to see the weather or the news. Only two presses on the picture frame, and it starts.

I'm so enjoying playing with his new toy, I didn't even start the lecture for tomorrow. Gotta get cracking......


Anonymous said...

I notice that you haven't given one thought of your need for "protection" -- pretty soon there will be worms, and pop-ups, and XXX'es and...

Crystal said...

Dont listen to the prevous comment! Unless they break into your house, and then plug in a USB cable and upload a virus, which somehow I doubt they will, you have 0% risk!

Personally I think they are a great way of keeping those you love in your thoughts 24-7.

postfachimweb said...

Have you recognized instable WLAN connection or randomly restarts of the device?
Just bought one and got the impression when enabling the WLAN feature it gets quite unstable.

WiseWoman said...

No instable WLAN (but it stands pretty near the hub) but the random restarts (with the stupid jingle) were a problem for a while that went away - I don't remember exactly what I did, I went through all the menus a number of times, and suddenly it did not restart - but it also does not stop itself. It is supposed to turn itself on for breakfast, off while we are work, and back on for the evening. After Kodak updated their configuration site this didn't work any more, we have to turn it on manually (which we often forget) and I've not had the time to deal with it. But when it's on, it is still great.