OMG - My Teacher!

We decided to spend New Year's Eve at some friends of friends with a place in Brandenburg along the Havel looking over to Potsdam. It was really quite nice seeing the fireworks a good kilometer away and not having them blast around your ears.

When we got there there were introductions all around as the hosts had also invited a few couples. With the kids there were 16 or 18 people floating around - and a bunny rabbit which got my allergies going, luckily I had medicine, but it made me very sleepy.

The eldest girl in the family came down to say hi to everyone, did a double take and drew our friend aside - what were the names of his friends? He answered, and she got red in the face. OMG, that's my teacher at university!

Yes, WiseMan teaches the introduction course for froshers. But since there are usually 100 warm bodies even for this rather esoteric program, he doesn't know names or faces.

We managed to get her to come back in and talk, but she was now so shy and didn't want to say much. WiseMan surmised that he had probably already corrected her first paper and it probably wasn't one of the better ones. We checked this morning: yup. At least it was handed in 2 days before the deadline.

Anyway, that got the discussion off to a good start on the small world theory and people discussing their chance encounters with people they knew. I headed off to the bathroom for a good sneeze and heard the daughter (who had escaped the elders) sitting on the stairs phoning a friend about the shock of having her teacher arrive at her door this evening. Imagine that - teachers are people, too! It shouldn't surprise her, though - her Dad is a professor. But that's different, that's only Dad.

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