The Blue Nowhere

WiseMan has been pestering me to read Jeffery Deaver for a while, but there are sooooooo many books around here need reading, and I just never started one of his.

Big mistake.

WiseMan gave me "The Blue Nowhere" for Christmas and made me look inside. Hmm, chapter numbers in binary. Computer glossary at the front. I started in a few pages.......

Wow. A hacker's mystery/spy story. And the computer terminology is not only explained, but also used correctly. And as the author notes in the afterword - we don't think there is a program out there like this, yet. But there is no reason why not.

The story races like a scared rabbit, jumping this way and that way, making your think it goes like this or like that and when you think you know what's happening, you get dumped on your ear and have to re-sort what's going on. Everything that happens is completely logical - within the bizarre structures that Deaver builds. The social engineering stunts are so many you need to take notes to make sure you know who is who (maybe).

Another book that kept me up past my bedtime because I just had to get it finished.

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