Shopping for the Rich

I had to go downtown (West) this morning to do the 2008 bookkeeping check with the company that manages our apartment complex. We started at 8, and were done in just over an hour - after years of doing this, most of it is just routine.

Since I had paid for 2 hours of parking, I decided to stroll down the Uhlandstr. across the Kurfürstendamm to the Kantstr. and back and do some window shopping. In the lower Uhlandstr. there were lots of shops for rent, and a spanking new gambling hall, as well as a strip joint.

But then the shops started getting fancy - nice stuff, and *very* expensive. Furniature that takes up enormous amounts of space, looks great, but is probably uncomfortable; expensive do-dads; clothes that start at 3 figures; jewels and watches; very fancy shoes (who wears heels that high??); a BMW shop.

The shops were all closed, save the odd bakery squeezed in between. Sleepy-looking women in mink coats and lipstick were getting their rolls - amazing they don't have people to do that for them. But the shops don't open until 10 or even 11, so it was really just window shopping for me. Not that I could afford any of that stuff, but are there really that many rich people to keep these shops going? Apparently.

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