My Second Book

Oooh, my second book was published this week! The first one was relatively easy - the papers were collected before the conference and had to be put together and published in time for the conference. It was a lot of work, but we had a real publisher, and it worked, even if it cost a lot.

Last year I helped organize a conference that used a wiki to collect material before and during the conference. I offered to make the stuff into a book (<- so it is my own fault for volunteering). It was painful, getting people to get their stuff in shape to publish. Luckily, I was given a free student worker and she even had experience in making a book!

We finally got it done, when another person from the conference said: oh, wait, I have more material! And so we waited, and then reformatted the thing.

They we started to publish with a books on demand publisher. They did not understand the concept of a Creative Commons book. We fought for the longest time. Then we went back and forth over the cover - what was the right size? Fonts? Colors? Yuck.

Anyway, it is out and available for only 8,60€. There is actually some good stuff in there. So if you know my name, ask Amazon - they have it listed, too.

Now, on to the third book, in progress - a real one, written by me and some colleagues. And no less painful.

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