Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

I was tired. Don't sleep much. Have over a hundred exercises to correct and two exams to make up. Spent all morning at a Berlin-wide church service. I don't have time for movies.

But the movie bunch insisted. I could still do my exams in the evening. And it was only 3 Euros at the little movie theater around the corner and I could leave any time I felt the violence was too bad.

Okay. So I went. Ah, flashbacks. Or a "multiperspective" film. A bit of sex at the beginning (I rather wanted to shield the eyes of the 17-year-old, as it was rather unappetizing). Then a bit of violence, but as it progresses, it is a sordid family drama. Melodramatic, no one has normal relations to their relatives. Anyway, it develops, racing toward a nasty end.

Don't want to go into detail - check out the IMDB. Philip Hoffman, the most horrible Truman Capote (he got an Oscar for that one), was very convincing. I know someone like that, and they even look similar. Brrrrr.

It was worth the 3 Euros, now I have to get the exam finished for tomorrow.

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brainerror said...

Unappetizing banging? Sounds like god's own country's socialization :P

(No, I don't know that movie, so this is just a spontaneous taunt.)