Cheap gas

Ahhhhh, back in Sweden!

It used to be that we would fill the gas tank in Rostock, because gas was soooooo expensive in Sweden. Now we try to get on the ferry with just enough gas to coast along to the first gas station in Trelleborg.

The price for a liter gas was around 1.60 Euros last week, since school vacation just started and the gas stations like to gouge families. I filled up the tank this evening in Trelleborg for 13:05 SEK (about 1.38 Euro). This is not a tax difference, it is the oil companies.

Now can someone explain to me how there is a free market for gas in Germany? I smell a cartel.

(For the Americans: the German price is south of 9 $ a gallon. Qwitcherbitchin.)

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