White Easter

Up in Sweden with the family for the Easter holidays - looks like we will be having a White Easter, there's a thin bit of snow on the ground and quite a snowstorm today. Even had a snowball fight with WiseKid.

WiseKid asked to use my earphones on the way up, because I told him Grandmother would not stand for his music. I just gave him my iPod - and the first thing he did was check the music I listen to. "EeeeeU, Mom, what is this garbage you listen to?" Um, that's exactly my thoughts on yours, bud. Then he started checking my pictures. Did a quick check if there was anything, um, unfit for youthful eyes on there, I thought I was fine. Nope, he found the one where I had only had a second alone with the letter from one of his rather unsavory buddies, and I had snapped a picture of the return address, as I didn't have pen and paper handy. Never used the address, never thought of the picture again. Of course he finds it!

We got here with some daylight left, and he was itching to go - I had requested that he help me take down three trees, in part to pay back the debt he has with me, and in part for him to earn some cash for getting minutes on his phone (he has a new girlfriend, so he needs lots of minutes!).

I tried to explain that a) the sun would go down soon and b) it was snowing outside, but no avail. So we got our work clothes on, got out the chain saw, and attacked the easiest of the trees. He wanted to do it himself, so I decided to bite my tongue and let him. And he did a good job! The tree was threating to fall backwards towards the road, but he listened when I hollered, looked up, turned the saw off and gave a push in the right direction. Man, was he pleased with the *thump* it made as it fell.

He stomped and cut the branches off, then cut the bottom bit into nice, bite-sized pieces for the fireplace, we'll do the chopping tomorrow. It was dark by the time we were done, but he was very happy - and me too! Nice to have a lumberjack in the house. But the chainsaw oil is almost done, so I'll have to made a hardware store run tomorrow :) I *love* hardware stores, always glad of an excuse to go!

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