SnowWomen and Igloos

It snowed and snowed again, wonderful, glorious let's-make-something snow. WiseKid and WiseNephew (both teenagers) abandoned their Gawd-I'm-a-teenager-and-bored attitudes and went for a major romp in the snow, coming in soaking wet. They used all the clothes they had along, and then borrowed stuff from us.

First job was to make a snowman. When I protested the sexist nature of this, they giggled, went out, and made a snow woman. Anatomically correct, as they say. She had *big* boobs, with tea lights decorating the, um, local maxima. They insisted I could feel up between her legs, I declined.

They used pretty much all the matches for hair (on her head and pubic regions) and gave her some nice gloves. We had a nice laugh and went back to making food. The guys disappeared for a bit, and then had us come out. In the meantime there seems to have been a snow man who came by, they had made about 20 snow children all over the sidewalk!

Then they started in on an igloo. This took hours, as they first carted all the snow they could get with wheelbarrows and made an enormous mound of packed snow, about as high as they are. They completely disregarded my explanations of how to make an igloo with blocks of ice.

After dinner they set up lights and started digging a door and then carving out the igloo from the inside. They worked until 11pm, at which time we made them go to bed. The igloo was nice, you could even lie down in it! But WiseNephew has to go back to Germany today, so they had to get some sleep. They slept like logs, WiseKid got up to say goodbye, then he started a fire in the fireplace and is sacked out on the couch.

Me? I'm out to explore this wonderful winter wonderland just outside my door, the sun is shining, so I think I'll walk to get the paper. Will take just as long as digging out the car....

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