Mulholland Dr.

Talk about non-sequiteurs. I packed this DVD because I had wanted to see it for some reason, and watched it last night, with WiseMan who had already seen it and made unintelligible comments during the entire film. Comments like "Oh, this is a key scene!" and there are 38 things in the scene and I don't know what the f*$§ the entire movie is about. Mother-in-law was watching, too, and she just did not even understand a thing, although it was in German. WiseKid was off in his very own cabin watching "Italian Job" on the other computer. We drag computers with us so we can watch DVDs and read the news on the Internet.

When it was over, I asked myself why I had just spent all this time watching all these strange scenes. Was it all a dream?

The IMDB entry did not exactly bring enlightenment. The Wikipedia at least let me know that there are different interpretation, and listed the "clues", none of which made the least sense to me. This fan site lists 27 different theories on what the film was actually about. Puhleeze, could the director just quit screwing with our minds and make a film that makes a bit of sense? Ok, the Möbius-strip theory is cute.

Finally, Salon, the successor to the Well, one of the very first social networks on the Internet, gives it to me in the clear: They go over the movie in excrutiating detail, then they answer questions, the first being my exact first question when the movie was over. They even have questions, such as what was the box about, that they answer "we just don't know". Okay.

Now that I've read this analysis, I suppose I have to see it again. I'll have to find me a victim who has never seen it before, and I will make nasty comments like "Oh, that is what that is!" or "This is a key scene!" the entire time. Maybe that was the purpose of the film. Whatever. I want more Re-Genesis, NOW!

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