Our best loss to date

My handball team lost again - we've not been doing so hot this season, i.e. are in last place. We were playing the second place team this evening, a team of very young girls "playing up" an age group to "get experience".

The last game there were just 7 of us, I had to play the entire game. We were at least twice as old as they were, and they walked all over us. We never got a chance to try our defense, as they picked up balls we missed and ran really fast to their goal, walking all over our second goalkeeper, the first one was away. They won with something like 42-4, and were aiming for 44-4. They wrote up a nasty report on the game that we were "unesthetic" to watch and should quit playing handball.

So they were *really* surprised tonight. We had the entire team there - normally, not everyone comes to all the games. Even the women who had announced that they were retiring from the games and were just coming to training were there. It took them quite a while to get themselves sorted out, and then our goalie held a lot of balls.

Their trainer was getting mad, and hollering at his girls, but to no avail. They even mis-shot 7m attempts. He started screaming that they were all going to do 10 extra pushups at training this week. We grinned.

They won, of course, but "just" 28-6. And we thought this was great!

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That was great indeed!