Flying to Brussels

I flew to Brüssels for a meeting, taking the El Cheapo plane from Klein Kleckersdorf Berlin-Templehof to Brüssels National. There is only about one flight an hour or so from THF, because they are planning on closing it so that everyone will use the new airport waaaaaay out in Schönefeld that is still under construction or the horrible overcrowded Tegel airport you can barely get to in rush hour at the moment, because the autobahn is under construction.

I drive to the airport and find 5 free, unlimited parking spaces just before reaching the pay spots. I was ditching the car and having WiseMan pick it up on the way home. I had expected to have to pony up a Euro or two for this, but free was just fine. You walk into the wonderfully large hall, and there are no shops, just a few chairs, and one counter open. There are just 2 people in front of me. I am checked in quickly, pick up my free paper, and chat with WiseMan (who took off work a bit early) until I go through security.

You then sit in a bus-stop like room and wait. No idea why the flight is delayed, it is sitting out there on the tarmac. Finally we are allowed to board. It is kind of spooky, going down the stairs and walking across to the plane, lit up in the winter's afternoon darkness. No other planes are to be seen.

After lift-off there is a wonderful view of Berlin by night, and the skies are clear almost the entire way to Brussels. It must be glorious to be a pilot on a night like this!

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