Random bitching at students

Recent notes from the Time-To-Grow-Up department:

  • Today was the fourth lecture of the term. Student A had already generously let me know that he would be unable to attend my lectures as he was working as a tourist guide. Today he came up to me to announce that he did not have a lab partner and could I assign him someone. I bitched: That's your problem to solve.
  • My tutor reported that attendance at the tutorials (offered so that people with questions on the material can prepare together) has been extremely low, i.e. one showed up last week. Student B came up during the break (as I was having some lunch) to ask me questions about the upcoming lab. "That's what the tutorial is for, " I said. "Oh, but there is no more tutorial before the lab," he replied. "You should have started preparing early and been there last week."
  • Student C comes to me before the lecture as I am madly connecting cables and pressing buttons and trying to sort out the mess of electronic equipment I sometimes use in class. He needs my signature. Well, my office hours are Thursday. Oh, but he has to work Thursday. I reply that I have to work right now. He doesn't get it. "I just need your signature." "No." "But I need your signature!!" [Louder, into the microphone] "Not now. Come to office hours." He storms out.
There will be more to come.

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