Excuse me!

Today I was officially named vice dean, even if I've been filling in the position unofficially for some weeks and officially since last Monday. Today was the official reception after we all got our fine pieces of paper telling us who we are.

So I wore a skirt today instead of the scruffy pants and striped shirt with a vest I normally like to wear. I did have the vest on, though, as it puts an additional 5 pockets at my disposal.

The strange guy who is always making weird comments noted that I looked geared for battle, he thought my fanny pack looked like an ammunition belt and my vest like part of battle dress. I guess it is green, but I didn't have any (visible) knives or guns on me....

Was then in the dean's office pouring over some nasty paperwork, and when that was done I left the office in some disgust over lazy colleagues who make extra work for everyone. I just closed the door behind me when a broad-shouldered guy and a gal approached me. He said: "Here's someone who can help" and launched into a complicated story about the girl. It took some minutes for me to realize that he thought I was a secretary and wanted me to change exercise sections for the girl. I put on my raised-eyebrow face and suggested they contact the secretary in charge of sorting out messes (who is a man!) who just happened to be coming out the door. Puzzled looks all around.

At lunch I told the story to a colleague, noting that I even had a skirt on and a fancy necklace. The colleague suggested I get a Gucci or Armani suit. It that what it takes for people to assume that (older) women they meet are professors and not secretaries? At least more than half of the new professors, who were also at the reception, are women - three cheers for this!


Nedbanks Nemesis said...

Hi Debora,

I posted a comment to your old blog

a couple of days ago - seems that must approve all comments (wise thing - I believe in the balance of good on the internet, so I say "be careful before being suspicious").

1) Did you get to look at the comment?
2) Did you can it as (a) irrelevant, (b) outdated, (c) none of the above?
2) Do you get hundreds of comments to your blogs so you haven't got to it yet?


WiseWoman said...

It was longish, and I haven't had the time to check if it was blogspam yet or not. It's in the pipeline, but there are too many fires to fight at the moment to be very concerned with my blog :)