Back to the 50's

There's a lot of this going around - 50th birthday parties. I suppose it happens a lot when you yourself turn 50. Anyway, a friend was celebrating out in the countryside with a 50's party for lots of friends, family and neighbors.

We were asked to bring 50's food - I chose a horrible-sounding meatloaf with a mustard merangue coating that actually tasted delicious. And a quick look through my closet showed the wisdom of my extensive second-hand shop purchases - there was a lovely blouse and jacked combination in zebra, which paired with my favorite black skirt, my grandmother's hat, my mother's watch and some assorted rhinestone jewelery fit beautifully. Don't know if I am brave enough to post a pic, though.

We enjoyed the food and the typical German fruit punches and danced to lots of 50s music. I sat with two computer scientist friends, each of us in a fancy dress, and discovered we all had nail polish on. Normally, we run around in jeans and without makeup - who has time for that? I dared the other two (who had chosen red, I had purple on, matching my sash) to wear their nail polish to work tomorrow. One said "No way!", the other was considering it. Me? I'm to lazy to scratch it off. Wonder what the response will be :)

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