Typical man - typical woman

My son was watching a show on one of the private channels called "Typisch Mann - Typisch Frau". I found a lot of the stuff silly: the women not knowing what a soldering iron is, the men having no idea what a diaphragm is, etc. But then they had an interesting experiment: They showed 10 men pictures of beautiful women, 10 women pictures of handsome men, 10 men pictures of not-really-beautiful women and 10 women pictures of not-really-handsome men.

Then they were asked if they wanted to be paid 150 Euros in cash or 180 in 3 months by funds transfer. The women all wanted to wait, saying that was more money. It didn't matter what kind of guy they were looking at. The men who had just looked at the not-so-beautiful women were the same, all rational. The guys who had just looked at pictures of beautiful women proved that when guys get aroused, their brains disengage - they were all willing to settle for the 150 cash.

Then a scientist showed a series of brain scans done on guys and gals looking at pictures. Seems the men react on a rather, shall we say, animal level when shown pictures of beautiful women? Another test applied alcohol to both sexes and showed them pictures. As the men got drunker, they found all women more attractive. As the women got drunker, they found the men less and less pleasing. This was kind of funny, especially when one of the contestants noted, that the women still go home with him when they are drunk....

So anyway, women are rational and men are sex-driven. So what else is new?


Anonymous said...

So anyway, women are rational

How, then, do you explain the higher levels of religiosity in women as compared to men?

WiseWoman said...

Oh, that's simple - women are rational enough to believe in a Higher Being.

Anonymous said...

I concede to WW the God point.

However, instead of looking at men as 'sex-driven', let's consider this a matter of taste and necessity:

A starving woman searching for food will find anything edible pleasing.
A well-fed woman nosing over a fine buffet may only select what she most likes and scoff at the rest.

So, while a woman's gluttony improves her taste,
a man's declines.

This makes perfect sense since men are most desirable at times of necessity.

With that, I'm a man, and simply splendid at things like home networking & electrical, indoor plumbing and landscaping.

Women, on the other hand, are desired most when they're least necessary.

In any event, tomboys tend to be attractive women. It takes a lot of physical activity or fast metabolism to look good. Let's face it, sister.

And I know from experience a tomboy can help landscape.

Unfortunately I'm dating the queen now.

So, I feel academic and vocational success over the years incurred both ups and downs, eh?..

Oh, and not to cut this short, but I have to get groceries. Bon-bons are on the list these days.


Anonymous said...

im confused with your last comment...with the whole food and being desireable ect. its confusing