Kennedy's Brain

Just finished "Kennedys Hjärna" (soon to be published in German, maybe someday in English, too) by Henning Mankell. Goodness, he was a bit heavy-handed on the political side. The bad, bad medical companies doing experiments on humans. The bad, bad white people treating the black people in Africa like an inferior race.

The scary thing is, that just as I am finishing up the book, the news reports on six men in England taken ill in drug trials....

There are some irritating things: No clear ending, no explaination for Henrik's riches or why he passed off his girlfriend as his sister; No clear reason for the death of Steve Holloway; No explaination of how Louise can pay for all of this flying and hotels (that are said to be too expensive for her), despite the "large sum" found in Aron's suitcase.

Parallel to the story, Louise is having her mid-life crisis. Well, she's older than me (just a bit, anyhow). And I have this nice Roy Lichtenstein postcard "Oh my God, I forgot to have a midlife crisis!". Mankell must have talked to a lot of women, because he is very believable in writing a woman narrator.

The book in Swedish is a page-turner, you don't want to put it down, even if you are not really satisfied in the end.

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