A Fox in the City

Anna and I were standing outside the restaurant at about 11pm speaking about the wonderful food we had just had, we were about to go our separate ways. There was a rustling in the bushes in front of us.

Anna pointed - "Look, a fox!" I have never seen a live fox outside of a zoo, despite many hours spend in woods that are filled with them (as can be seen by identifying the footprints in the winter time). I had heard that there was a vixen and some cubs in the wooded area around the primary school, but I had never seen them.

The fox paused at the telephone booth and looked cautiously around. Why don't I have a camera with me when I need it?? She then stepped up to the curb, seeming to have done this before. She waited until a car had passed and then sprang over to the middle, pausing a moment before continuing on across.

We were just beneath a bridge over the autobahn and some train tracks, the fox disappeared down the side of the bridge. Of course, there is underbrush there, there must be a lot of mice and rabbits and other things to eat there, as well as all of the garbage people throw out.

I wonder what the fox makes of life in the city.

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