The long backup

A new Mac needs a new Time Capsule - the old one is very full. I ordered a 2 TB (Terabyte! That's 1012 byte or byte. My first hard disk, called a Winchester disk, was for my diploma thesis and hat 5 MB. And I couldn't imagine how on earth I would fill it. Today my camera drops that much on the miniSD for a good picture.

Anyway, it's an Apple product. Unwrap, unplug, click, done. Well, almost. You see, I now have 171 GB of stuff on my laptop. I'm sure half of it is no longer needed, but whatever. Since I'm home for two days I got is started right away. 30 hours later the little window says: "5 seconds left". It had said that for quite some time, however. I went to bed, and this morning it proudly announces that the first backup has been taken. 36 1/2 hours. Puh!

But I feel better now. My machine had been bitching at me every 4 hours that I really, really needed to dump a backup. Now I can smugly ask my students when their last backup was, safe in the knowledge that mine was taken automatically last night.

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