Don't spit!

I'm taking public transport in Berlin again, and it seems the S-Bahn still doesn't have it's problems sorted out. It's only been about 3-4 years....

I had to change trains at Südkreuz and as I stepped out of the train I saw a group of grade school kids (third grade perhaps) on the platform. A group of guys (natch) were standing around the reeling, looking down. One guy dared to spit down, and the rest of the group giggled.

There were two teachers along, deep in conversation with each other. Somehow I have this romantic notion of education in which teachers speak with their pupils ... Anyway, I eyed the teachers, and they gabbed on, so I went up to the spitter and asked him if he would like to have someone spit on his head.

"There was no one there!" he exclaimed.

I said, "whatever, what if you stepped under by mistake and the spit landed on your head? Would you like that?"

He turned sheepish, and the rest of the guys were all focussing on me. "Okay, well don't do that again." "I won't," he promised.

I turned to the teachers, gabbing on, gave them the evil eye and walked on. I wonder if they even realized what went on. Probably not.

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