The Virgin Suicides

I was sure that I had blogged about the book by Jeffery Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides, after I read it, especially since this small town story reminded me of so many tiny, unpleasant things about growing up in the US. 

The film, directed by Sofia Coppola in 1999, was on TV this evening. Set in the 70s in an affluent neighborhood, a religious family with five girls tries to keep a tight reign on them. The girls have other ideas. 

For me, having attended high school in the early 70s, there are sooooo many things in the film that trigger memories long forgotten. Eighth grade homecoming party. The football jocks (although the quarterbacks were never that thin or cute). The white dress with pastel flowers on it my Mom made for some dance - and I sat at a table all evening, vowing never to subject myself to a school dance again. And I didn't. Didn't go to the prom.

There is no happy end to this story. But the book is a good read and the movie wasn't bad. 

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